Couple's Feedback

Reverend Mary -

I again want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job you did at our wedding.  I could not have had a more memorable moment as I did, knowing you were there and the guidance you gave myself and Thomas throughout the time preparing for the wedding.

I remembered your advise in an email you gave me..Stating just keep the smile on my face and enjoy every moment.  With that, I did!  I watch the video of the weddig over and over again and thank God each day how blessed I am that I had my fairytale wedding.

My life is so blessed and I couldn't be anymore thankful for what I have.  You never know what impact you bestow upon someone once you have met them.  From the moment we met you have been a key role in this marriage.  I will never forget your warmth and kindness and how memorable that night was.

Please enjoy the photo and look forward to seeing you again on our 10th anniversary.  We would love to renew our vows and have you there again.

Take care,

Love always,

Sondra Nielsen Wise-bey